Ps. John De BRITTO

Ps. John De Britto born in a staunch Catholic Family got saved in the year 1994. He received Spiritual growth under the tutelage of Rev.S.A.Sundarraj. On the 16th of April 1996 he had a vision as per Rev 1:13-16 that clearly had a call for ministry for preparing His bride.

At this time his life was in total darkness and because of his anger he had no peace in his life. One day he shut himself in a dark room, feeling his whole life was a shame and started crying. He thought from now on I can’t raise my head in the society, Just then his prudent wife gave him a bible and urged him to read and encouraged him that he will find the peace.He slowly got encouraged to attend a Gospel meeting at Sastry nagar, Vysarpadi Madras, were Bro.Cruz Divakaran was preaching. On a Sunday evening the 11th of December his life got transformed by hearing the verses from John 4:24 and the life of Samaritan woman. The darkness before his eyes was opened and he acknowledged that he was a sinner. He declared in presence of God that he is a sinner and during the alter call he felt the presence of God and burning fire through out his body.Later he decided to have spiritual guidance and mentorship. He was walking with that initial experience and never yielded to baptism and anointing. During this time he was processing application to migrate to Australia and all were in a speedy way, however the approval for VISA got delayed.It took 3 years for him to get his VISA. During this time God reminded him the verses from Ps 119:67, and his commitment to live a life where God pleases with him.In the year 1995 he got guided by the Holy Spirit to meet Rev.S.A.Sundarraj- Pastor -AG church Vellore.There he got the clear mentorship and he took immerse baptism on 28th January’1996.

He received the Holy Spirit Anointing on 16th April’1996.On the same day night he had vision of Almighty as described in the book of Revelations 1:13 to 16 and he was crying to a multitude as Almighty is coming” three times. He woke up and from then on started getting more involved in church ministry like attending bible study, worshipping on Sundays, attending street meetings, village ministry, and also started preaching in small home cell groups in his home town he even got invited to profess his testimony at meetings held in Pondicherry and Madras.His official preaching started at a Catholic church at Tirupattur on a Lent days. During this time many people were touched by God and sick people were healed. During these times he learnt how the word according to Ps 119:71 71 It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes. WP-Bible plugin got fulfilled in his life. He used to put total trust and relying upon god’s promises for everything in his life. When his visa was getting delayed he attended a bible study at AG church Vellore and Ps. S.A.Sundarraj was teaching on Mathew 7:7 . At the end of the study he prayed and asked god that there should be an answer from the Embassy for my approval of VISA and he claimed according to the study what he learnt from the verse Knock and you shall find”. The very next day he received a letter from the Australian embassy, saying his VISA application was approved.He moved to Australia on the 19th of March 1998 and started a small prayer cell group and later turned as small sprit filled church named as Bethel New Life in Christ Fellowship with an independent body.

The Church joined AOG Australia in the year 2001 and from then on they are functioning as a satellite church under the Monash Christian Church. The pastor of the Monash Christian Church Ps. Phil Martin is a kind hearted person who mentored Ps.Britto to move powerfully towards winning and adding souls for the Kingdom of God. Under their guidance the Church conducted several conventions with well known preachers from Tamilnadu.

In the Lord’s ministry, Ps. Britto is moved with an undeniable faith to pray for the sick, many people have been healed and disharmonies within families have been removed by his prayers. In the year 2003 God answered his prayer by raising a child from her deathbed. People from different beliefs have turned to God after attending the Church services. His Mother was the first to receive baptism from his hand. He always believes in team work and most of all he puts God and the faith upon him as his resource for anything he starts. He moves strongly with the gifts of Holy Spirit in pastoral care, preaching, teaching, healing, deliverance, discernment, and prophecy. He has fluency in preaching Tamil and English